Yokohama Ballet Festival 2016
The Power of Ballet gathers at Yokohama on August 7th

Organized by Soy Planning Inc., Kanagawa Kenmin Hall

Sponsored byYokohama Arts Festival Committee

DateAugust 7th 2016 (Sun) Starts at 18:00, estimated to finish at 20:45

Venue: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall 


The 1st Yokohama Ballet Festival in 2015 was successful and we received many requests for another performance, so we decided to hold The 2nd Yokohama Ballet Festival on August 7th 2016. 

This festival aims to entertain diverse audiences, both people who have never seen ballet before and ballet fans. Ballet has many aspects and power; “Beauty, Fierceness, Movement, Speed and Simplicity” and we will bring a lineup and participants that make the audience feel its diversity and beauty.

Come and feel the essence of the ultimate treasures of Japan and world leading class ballet assembled in 2 and a half hours of performance.

Artistic DirectorYasuyuki EndoChoreographer, former soloist of Ballet National de Marseille, France
ProducerTomohiro Yoshida



★ ☆ ★【 Works to be Performed 】★ ☆ ★

【Part 1】(Fresher’s Gala)
Sleeping Beauty, Aurora Act 1 Variation
Yo Nakajima (Symphony Ballet Studio:daner selected by audition)
Paquita, Etoile Variation
Karen Nawata (Nashiki Ballet Studio:daner selected by audition)
Variation from “Esmeralda”
Miko Fogarty
Pas de deux from ”La Sylphide”
Madoka Sugai (Hamburg Ballet)
Haruo Niyama (Hakucho Ballet Academy)

【Part 2】 World Premium 1
Measuring the Heavens(Choreography : Fukiko Takase)
Fukiko Takase
Japanese Drums :Kensaku Sato
Dying Swan
Misa Kuranaga(Boston Ballet)
SOLO2(Choreography : Yasuyuki Endo)
Miko Fogarty
Haruo Niyama (Hakucho Ballet Academy)
Lilly (Choreography:+81)
Naoya Aoki (Dancer, choreographer)
Masahiro Yanagimoto (Contemporary dancer, leader of +81)
Pas de deux from ”Raymonda” Act 1
Mika Yoneyama (Opera National de Bordeaux)
Naoki Takagishi (formerly of The Tokyo Ballet)

【Part 3】 World Premium 2
UZUMIBI(Choreography : Yasuyuki Endo)
Yui Yonezawa (National Ballet of Japan)
Yasuyuki Endo (Choreographer, former soloist of Ballet National de Marseille)
Vaslav (Choreography : John Neumeier)
Madoka Sugai (Hamburg Ballet)
Diana and Actaeon pas de deux from ”Esmeralda”
Ako Kondo(The Australian Ballet)
Chengwu Guo(The Australian Ballet)
Pas de deux of Death from “Romeo and Juliet” (Choreography: Angelin Preljocaj)
Yurie Tsugawa (Ballet Preljocaj)
Baptiste Coissieu (Ballet Preljocaj)
Nutcracker Act 2, Grand Pas de Deux of Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince
Misa Kuranaga (Boston Ballet)
Kenta Shimizu  (Los Angeles Ballet)



Ticket Prices

Category S : 10,800 Yen (Advance Booking), 11,000 Yen (Day of the performance)

Category A : 8,640 Yen (Advance Booking), 9,000 Yen (Day of the performance)

Category B : 5,460 Yen (Advance Booking), 6,000 Yen (Day of the performance)

Parent and Child ticket (Category B), 6,480 Yen (Advance Booking, 1 Adult and 1 Child ticket)

※ Category B and “Parent and Child” tickets are only retailed at “Ticket Kanagawa”

※ Student tickets will be sold on the day of the performance if there are tickets left.


How to purchase Tickets

※ No children under 3 are allowed to enter the auditorium. 

※ We may request presentation of student cards for “Parent and Child ticket” holders with children older than junior high school student age.

Ticket Agencies

Yokohama Ballet Festival Ticket Center (please click the link to see details to purchase)

Ticket Kanagawa http://www.kanagawa-arts.or.jp/tc/  Tel 0570-015-415(10:0018:00)

eplus   http://eplus.jp/

※ You can watch the audition finals for this performance held on July 22th for free with the ticket for this performance. Tickets to watch the audition will be retailed too. Details to follow.


Seating map】 

一般販売 横浜バレエフェスティバル2016



Message from the producer Tomohiro Yoshida

The Concept of Yokohama Ballet Festival

The concept of this performance is consisted of two points of views. One is to show the difference from young dancers and experienced dancers. And the other is to present the diversity in ballet, from the classics to contemporary works rarely seen in Japan.
We have an artistic director Yasuyuki Endo who will direct the whole performance, create the opening and the finale, and adjust the balance between the programs and the order of the performance, so although it is a gala, the audience will feel as though it is actually a full length performance.

Last year on August 19th 2015, we had successfully carried out the 1st Yokohama Ballet Festival in collaboration with Kanagawa Kenmin Hall and Yokohama Arts Festival committee. We are so grateful to our collaborators, the sponsors and the people who contributed to our festival.
After the performance, one of my friends who had come to see ballet for the first time said, “I was astonished! I was in tears two times” We were so happy to hear this comment.
Also, there were various comments such as “We didn’t know that ballet could be so comical” a 10 year old child saying “I enjoyed Mats Ek’s work most”, and “Although it is a gala this was well arranged together”

Producing a performance needs such labor, time to prepare and costs a lot, so we were considering whether we will do a second one. However, with all the power united and many people loved the experience, we thought we would make it a regular yearly event. With the large support of Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, we decided to have the Festival in 2016 again. Our aim is to provide 3 following values.

The values we would like to provide to our audience.

We offer diverse programs, from classical ballet to contemporary dance in one performance, so the audience can find dances that match their taste and could enjoy.
The participating dancers are ranging from rising fresh stars to world class prima ballerinas.

The values we would like to provide to our dancers

We would like to offer an atmosphere so the participating dancers can communicate each other. Communication beyond companies, between the same generation and also between young dancers and experienced dancers, so this could be a valuable experience for them

The values we would like to provide to the ballet world

We are offering a diverse program and a diverse choice of participants, so the audience will not be just fans of specific dancers, but also people who experience ballet for the first time and also a diverse one. For instance, children learning classical ballet will know the fascination of contemporary dance, and many would feel such as “ballet is not just dancing in white tutus”, and their typical prejudice will change. We hope to contribute to the development of ballet culture in Japan, and there will be more people getting interested in the art of ballet.


Message from Artistic Director Yasuyuki Endo

We are happy and proud that the Yokohama Ballet Festival launched in 2015 will be held this year too.

For the gala last year, the theme was “See, Feel and Experience” introducing dancers who are dancing on the world stage as professionals, works by choreographers rarely seen in Japan, and young dancers chosen by audition, all performing as one night’s spectacle. It was my huge pleasure that both the audience who came to Kanagawa Kenmin Hall and the dancers could share the excitement together.

There will never be a same moment, so based on last year’s experience, we are in search of pleasure that we can present to the audience and the dancers. Once again, we will hold an audition on July 20, 21 and 22 that provides a chance for young dancers to share the stage with internationally renowned dancers. This experience would be a milestone for up and coming dancers who will be performing as professionals in the future.

Yokohama Ballet Festival, August 7th 2016.

“Fresher’s Gala” Haruo Niyama had overwhelmed the audience with his flexibility, suppleness and stable technique last year at this gala. Madoka Sugai who won Prix de Lausanne in 2012 and gave hope to the Japanese people hurt by the earthquake the year before, and who is now a member of Hamburg Ballet. Miko Fogerty, who is a winner of multiple international ballet competitions. We are looking forward to the development of those youngsters who already have their fame. Also we have 2 more dancers selected by audition that will bring a fresh breeze to this gala.

”World Premium” has many diverse works from all over the world, such as “Romeo and Juliet” by Angelin Preljocaj, one of the most famed choreographers in France, fabulous dancers from United States such as Misa Kuranaga of Boston Ballet and Kenta Shimizu from Los Angeles Ballet. Also, Yui Yonezawa Of National Ballet of Japan, known for her spectacular technique and expressiveness. And once again, Japon Dance Project which created a different universe rare in gala performances and also made the audience burst into laughter last year. There will be more dancers to be announced.

At the Workshop, we invite Fukiko Takase, a member of Wayne McGregor (resident choreographer of The Royal Ballet)’s company as the coach, so the participants can experience the charm, the technique and repertoire of Wayne’s dances.

A dream spectacle that can only be seen at this Yokohama Ballet Festival, from classical ballet to contemporary dance.

Please come and join this passionate one night spectacle, Yokohama Ballet Festival this year, and “See, Feel and Experience” the joy of dance.

We will be updating latest information here.

See you at the Yokohama Ballet Festival on August 7th, 2016 at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall.